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Greetings from Director

In 2005, our company started import HYUNDAI brand’s water purifier with only 3 young and no experienced people in this business. But now we already have 3 branches stores in capital city and 1 branch stores in other city of Mongolia.

            We started importing water purifiers from South Korea and continue started provide qualified, high-tech, Korean best brand products such as air purifier, automatic bidets, filters and blinds for Mongolian customers. For the customer’s healthy life style and demand needs we are always trying to provide them with useful, adequate quality latest products and give the best customer service.

Our 3 features that we could state as:

  1. Quality       2. Customer Satisfaction    3.Best service

As above features in past 10 years, we became a reliable partner of customers, good co-operator of other companies and awarded for “The most TRUSTED company” in 2013. In the next 5 years we are planning to expand our business to food industry and light industry.

For the visitors who searching for reliable and experienced company to co-operate with in Mongolia, Nomondalai.D as CEO of AQUA electronics company would guarantee with honest.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Nomondalai Davaajav


Branch 1
Циркийн зүүн талд Капитрон банкны урд
11-330535, 9905-9555, 9400-9555, 7011-9555
Branch 2
Мишээл экспо С20 павилон
9904-9555, 7011-9555
Branch 3
ХУД, Гэгээнтэн худ-ы төв 2-р давхарт
9404-9555 , 9400-9555, 7011-9555
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